Cultural Tours!

Otaru Day Tour

Propeak offer an Otaru Day Tour and it is absolutely fantastic. 

Start the day from your accomodation with a pick up time of your choice. Let your Propeak guide take you on a beautiful drive from Niseko to Otaru. Take in the sights of the mountains and fields before your first stop in Yoichi. 

Whiskey Time!

Yoichi has a whiskey distillery (Nikka) that is a must see. Boasting some world renowned gold medal single malts. Take a walk through and discover the art of Japanese whiskey with a scottish influence. at the far end of the distillery you end up at the tasting room because you must sample some of these medal winning whiskeys. 

Next stop Otaru!

After warming your belly with whiskey its off to Otaru. The coast line drive is incredible to see in the winter. When the blue from the sea of Japan hits the white shores of Hokkaido it creates a visual contrast that is rare to find. 

First stop is the Fish Markets. Take a look around a traditional Japanese fish market furthermore mingle with the locals. 

By now you will have worked up a healthy appetite. Your Propeak guide will bring you to the famous Waraku sushi train. Here you can get some of the freshest and best sushi you can find anywhere on earth. Its almost like the fish has jumped out of the ocean and onto your plate.

Canal & Cakes!

After your sushi extravaganza take a stroll through the canals and old shopping town of Otaru. You will need to walk off your lunch before you reach the chocolate delights waiting in the Le Tao and Shinzo boutiques littered through Otaru shopping district. All in all the streets of Otaru have an almost European connection. From the Venetian glass blowing and full sized gondola to the famous music box store located decide an old Steam powered clock due to donations from Vancouver in the 50’s. 


After a long day of eating, Drinking and shopping you will be ready to head back home to Niseko in a daze of cultural overload. By then a nice long soothing Onsen sounds like heaven. All in all you will be satisfied.

Propeak Otaru day tour is most noteworthy and not to be missed.


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