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Niseko Backcountry Tour Experience with Propeak

It’s all about to get very white. In the middle of winter, we started out on a Propeak Niseko Backcountry Tours with high expectations of deep powder and long tree runs. Driving to the mountain it just would not stop snowing. We were getting more and more excited as the snow was accumulating on the side of the road. I could see the wheels were almost not visible from the amount of pow that covered the tires. All in all, It was safe to say that we were in for a great day. 

We finally arrived at our destination that seemed an eternity of anxious nerves but was in fact only 20 minutes of transit. I slept out of the vehicle and went in up to my knees. Looking over at Braden and seeing the giant grin on his face we both said to each other almost in unison. “If it’s this deep down here imagine what it’s like up there” Slapping on our skins and doing a last minute beacon check we started out into the heavy snow surrounding the trail.

Take the lead!

Bradden took the lead and cut a trail for the first 45 minutes. After the first stint, we took 10 minutes to rest and get some water into us. Bradden likes his trail mix so he shared it around with us and we started off again. We were half way up the climb when we realised the snow was nearly up to our waist.

Lets think back to the parking lot! we had knee deep there and now its up to our waist. Does that mean that its going to be up to our armpits when we reach the top?

Onward and upward!

So onward we went. At this point we were having to take turns at cutting trail every 10 minutes as the trail was deep and tough. We finally broke through the tree line and could see the summit. All we had was 20 minutes of kick turns and the run of our lives was waiting. As we summited the snow falling took a break almost as to say look at at what you achieved! We all stood there for 5 minutes not saying a word as we where not only out of breath but just in awe of the beauty that we were witnessing. It hit me that we may not have long until the weather rolls in again. In a flash skins were off and packed away and the first powder hound was ready to drop. Oh did i mention that was me.

Excitement overload!

Yeeeeeeeeha! this was the only words that came out of my mouth as i dropped in. The only reason i couldn’t say any more was because my face was getting stuffed with powder and if i was to open my mouth the speak i would have been force fed a pow sandwich.

As i arrived to the bottom of the run i turned around to see how the others were doing. All i could see one by one where mounds of moving snow moving down the hill almost like white comets. As we all gathered to the bottom we only had one question. Do we have enough time to do it again?

Touring the backcountry of Niseko is such an experience that can’t be matched anywhere in the world. They aren’t kidding when they say you need a snorkel here. Taking Niseko Backcountry Tours with Propeak will be something i will never forget.

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